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Professional Argumentative Essay Examples

Samples 178. Society says that women are equal to men, and can do anything a man can. For the most part that is right, there have been women that have excelled and achieved things society thought only men. 1.8.

  • I had few candidates send me a few essays in the early part of this year which I managed to change into an actual order of business. Two out of the three samples in the boxes I received that time are going to be turned into an actual order for the next season and also in the future. One is still at the initial stages of writing.

  • Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. He trained his sons on his approach to life and hoped they would follow and achieve his dream of success. Willy's life was a disappointment as he had the wrong ambitions and failed to teach [...] Subjects: American Literature Literature.

  • Main arguments — Talk about the main points of your position. For example, you could write about the feeling of addiction that makes it difficult to give up smoking. Refutation — Here is where your counterarguments come into place. Introduce the opposite side you will need to refute as being invalid.

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